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Thread: Mouse the hairy bunny

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    Mouse the hairy bunny

    When I first opened the page I wasn't sure what it was.


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    Congratulations on being Pet of the Day.
    What a beautiful girl who no doubt, attracts a lot of attention.
    You have the perfect life with plenty of love.
    Celebrate your world famous day.

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    Gorgeous Mouse!!!

    Hi Mouse! Happy Pet of the Day!!!

    What a gorgeous, adorable, sweet as can be Angora bunny you are, Mouse! Your coat is simply magnificent, and speaking as a spinner and weaver, what I wouldn't give for some snow white, soft as a cloud Mouse roving! And if your breathtaking beauty weren't recommendation enough, you just might be THE most lovable, personality packed, attention craving bunnster on the planet! I smiled from ear to ear reading how, come nighttime, you're the first one up on the big bed, ready for a snuggle and a snooze! Do you really sleep all night with your human? How special is that!!! How lucky your human is, having a best bunny furkid as special as you to call her/his very own! You truly are a treasure, Mouse, one in a million, and so very deserving of your big day of honor!

    Thanks for the BIG smiles, sweetheart! Meeting you today, seeing your utterly heart-melting photos, has been a real treat! I hope you're enjoying a very special Pet of the Day celebration...enjoying some fun time outdoors, strolling about the park; dutifully following your human about the house; snuggling with your human, being loved and pampered to pieces! Lots of love, cuddles and kisses to you, beautiful Mouse, our very special and most deserving Pet of the Day, EVERY day!

    SO beautiful!!!

    Star,Tigg'r , Mollie and the10 Gallon Gang!

    And my Rainbow Bridge Furangels...Jingles, Cody, Fritz, Chessa, Satin, Buddy, Lizzie, Oliver, Squeaker, Moonbeam, Rosie, Ruby~

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    Mouse is magical! She is the most lovely and delightful little creature in the world! Hope her day is filled with all her favorite stuff! Please forward a cuddle from me!

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    Congratulations, Ms. Mouse, on being POTD! We your name because we precious mice! You are gorgeous and adorable! We're so glad you have a loving forever home where you are appreciated and want for nothing! (Wish ALL pets were that lucky!) You are POTD every day! Sending best wishes for a continued happy, healthy, fun, safe life, Sweetie!


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