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Thread: The Hunt for ‘Fire Cats’ Amid Northern California Ashes

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    The Hunt for ‘Fire Cats’ Amid Northern California Ashes

    From today's New York Times, about a wonderful woman who is doing all she can to rescue cats whose Northern California homes were burned out and bring the the cats back together with their people:

    "... Finding the missing cats that fled the October wildfires has been an impassioned quest for Jennifer Petruska, an animal lover whose home, pets included, was one of the few in her neighborhood to be spared.

    "Ms. Petruska has spent nearly every night since the fires tracking and trapping fire cats, as she calls them, the felines that for weeks have remained missing because of stubbornness, trauma, instinct, or a mix of all three. ..."
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    Bless her, what a wonderful thing she is doing!
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    How wonderful that she and her crew are persistent and have trapped so many kitties. It's hard to believe that some owners gave up finding them... well, perhaps they moved far away.

    Thanks for sharing, Pat!

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    What a selfless and heroic person she is!
    I can't even imagine to leave my cats behind, I would rather die.


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