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Thread: Embers is in charge!

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    Embers is in charge!

    Hello, Embers in Australia! Happy Cat of the Day!

    What a gorgeous Tonkinese lady you are, with your golden fur, your darker face, ears and tail! I would like to make a lap for you, because your fur looks so soft to pat!

    You are very talkative, sitting outdoors and chatting with everyone! I would be glad to have a conversation with you and hear all you have to say! You also play fetch or soccer, and it must be very fun to watch you play!

    Happy, happy Cat of the Day to beautiful Embers!
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    Congratulations on being honoured as Cat of the Day, Embers!

    What a beautiful Tonkinese girl you are! Your coat looks so soft and silky, it blends so nicely from grey to black. Your aqua coloured eyes are stunning!

    I see you are very talkative and I bet that whatever you ask for, you'll get. And you're so friendly... sitting outside taking to anyone who will listen - I bet they all think you are adorable! You also like to play soccer, and whenever your mom throws a crunched up piece of paper, you'll fetch it and bring it back, just like a dog would.

    It's no wonder your family love you so much, you are a smart girl who will walk on a leash, and you are affectionate and love to sit on their laps. What a sweetheart you are!

    Enjoy a day of celebration, playtime and fun with your family, get pampered with extra treats and lots of love. I wish you a long, happy and healthy life, sweet Embers!

    And a Happy New Year to you and your family!

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    Dear Embers, what a beautiful Tonkinese girl you are. You look so soft, and your face is adorable with those mesmerizing eyes.
    Being an only child, you are naturally spoiled rotten, and deservedly so.
    You are a talker, and you will have conversations with anybody who listen, and I imagine that everybody!
    You also play soccer and fetch with a paperball to keep in shape, and you love to snuggle with your parents.
    Embers, you are truly a treasure, and I wish you and your family a great full of celebration, and many more happy and healthy years together.

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    Embers is in charge

    Embers I love your darken face as they make your eyes glow like lantern in the night. Of course you're in charge you're a cat it's your house and you do whatever you want. I like the fact that you like to go for walks. Does your mom have pipe cleaners ? They make a great toy have her crinkle them up or twist them up. You and your mom will be playing fetch for hours. Had one cat that love to wash them in in his water fountain before he played with them and sometimes he forgot them and they're soaked but will dry out. Have fun today.

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    Beautiful Embers ~ What a delightful pleasure to see your gorgeous self on my computer today.
    I would give anything to kiss your velvet nose, but I'm soooo far away from you. So, your photo will have to do.
    We wish you a long, happy and healthy life.
    Ask your vet about microchipping. ~ It could have saved Kuhio's life.

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    Beautiful Embers!

    Greetings Embers from Oz! Happy Cat of the Day, and to you and your family, wishes for a very happy New Year! (Already 2018 Down Under!)

    What a breathtakingly beautiful Tonkinese you are, Embers, just brimming with purrsonality and catitude, and quite the conversationalist we here! Great to hear you've got everything under control there, sweetheart, lending a umm, guiding paw to your pawrents when need be! We humans do require direction and a bit of supervision at times! hehe What a lucky girl you are, Embers, being the only child, having the humans all to yourself, all of that love and attention flowing just your way! And how lucky is your family, having a furkid as beautiful, as sweet and loving as you in their lives, bringing so much joy, love and laughter to their days! Sounds like one perfect pairing to me!

    Thanks for the BIG smiles, sweetheart! Meeting you, seeing your heart-melting photo spread, has been a real treat! Hope you're enjoying a very special day of celebration...taking a leisurely walk, chatting with the neighbors, warming your humans' laps, being loved and pampered to pieces! Lots of love, cuddles and kisses to you, precious Embers, our very special and most deserving Cat of the Day, EVERY day!


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    Dearest Embers, what a stunningly beautiful kitty you are! You are such a pretty Tonkinese with that velvety, colorful fur that looks so soft and that sweet face with those lovely big eyes. Thank you for sharing those great photos with us! They show off your beauty so well, of both appearance and spirit. I wish I could reach through the screen and around the world and Down Under to Brisbane, Australia to pet you! I can't, of course, but I know your loving and beloved Purrrents will pet you for me .

    You have the most delightful Purrrsonality, too! You are a mature lady of 12 years but have the energy of a kitten and make your dear Purrrents smile with your antics. You love to play soccer and fetch with a crunched-up piece of paper. You also love to go for walks on a lead. As a Tonk girl you are very talkative and always let your demands be known to your dear Purrrents and to anyone else walking by! You're very affectionate and will sit on a lap for hours. You and your dear Purrrents love each other very much, don't you. What a wonderful love-filled home you share!

    Congratulations, darling Embers, on being our special New Year's Eve kitty here in the Western Hemisphere.. You are already the New Year's Day kitty in OZ! We hope you and your dear Purrrents and all your family and friends are enjoying a fine celebration, full of fun and lovies and all your favorite games and treats.

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    Embers is so beautiful, I'm in love! Perfect COTD!

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    Embers, you are a stunning Tonk! You know exactly what you are talking about but sometimes hoomans don't understand, do they?
    Congratulations on being Cat of the Day and may your day be full of love, spoiling, and fascinating conversations!
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    Congratulations on being COTD, beautiful Embers!

    All things work together for good to them that love God.
    (Romans 8:28)

    I've been defrosted-- Thanks, Sana


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