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Thread: Thursday 702, OH! Christmas tree Thursday.......

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    Thursday 702, OH! Christmas tree Thursday.......

    Time to decorate the Pet and Child Safe Xmas tree for the bar!

    No spray bottles or sticky tape or twine to keep OUR tree upright.

    Of course the kitties are welcome in the bar and I would love for them to participate in all the fun.



    Here is my Christmas tree story.

    My sis and her hubby lived in the guest house of my parents house and were doing their own Xmas dinner.
    Dear sis cooked up a nice ham and set it on the table, then walked out of the room.

    Her dog JUMPED up on the table, Grabbed the ham and pretty much wolfed it down.

    In the ensuing chaos, swear words, tears and grief?

    The dog went BEHIND the tree - which was stuck in a corner and fully decorated - and threw the ham up.

    So, the event turned from the "case of the missing ham" to the recovery of the "missing ham".

    For a long time the joke was, "Hey sis, Do you think Santa will leave you a ham under the tree this year?"


    Nog for the house......or a spiced something with booze in it!!


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    I hope this tree is really pet safe.
    This is what happened at our house in 2009, the last time when we had a tree:

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    I am sure Angel pup will snuggle on the couch with anyone who needs it! Nice hot tea, and I made some candy cane/chocolate chip shortbread cookies if anyone wants some! the candy canes were smashed into little bits, so there's nothing you could break a tooth on, I promise!
    I've Been Frosted

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    I'll try one of those cookies please Karen. And I'll definitely take cuddles with Angel!
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