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Thread: Pet Talk is always first!

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    Pet Talk is always first!

    I have been attending physical therapy for three months now for something called "frozen shoulder." It is almost all thawed, which is great, as I was initially told 3-6 months - MONTHS! - for recovery. Anyway, I had an appointment today, and had written myself a note of things to do "after PT" and when I just looked at it now, I thought "do things after Pet Talk? Huh?"
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    A huge thank you too for your commitment! I am so happy your progress is clearly going so fast and you are healing better than anyone expected. That is wonderful

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    That's wonderful, Karen.. Thank you so much!

    I'm glad your shoulder-thawing is going so well! Best wishes with it.

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    Glad your shoulder is healing quickly.
    And Pet Talk is always first for me too! Every time I get on the computer, this is the first place I visit.
    I don't post often (since I can't/won't save my login on my work computer so I have to log in each time I want to post), but I visit each day.
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    Thank you for the siggy, Michelle!

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    Glad to hear the physical therapy helped. I've been attending physical therapy myself this summer, also for my shoulder. It's better, but now I have pain in my neck/upper back. I probably have to do certain excersizes.

    He he, PT is always first on your mind - that's great!

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    I'm glad that you feeling better, Karen.
    My homepage is COTD, and then I go immediately to Pettalk. I consider it therapy for the mind.


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