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Thread: Inseprable Victoria and Alaric!

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    Inseprable Victoria and Alaric!

    Greetings, beautiful Victoria and Alaric! Happy Pets of the Day to you!

    What a heartbreaking, heartwrenching, ultimately heartwarming and life affirming story of love and survival is yours! I had tears in my eyes, Victoria, reading how terribly injured you were following that horrific attack, Victoria, learning of the unprecedented, unwavering devotion of your feathered soul mate, your defender and protector, the the love of your life, Alaric. Yours is truly a love story for the ages!

    The next afternoon, we found Victoria wounded on the ground. She was in shock, her eyelid was missing a peice, and the entire top of her head was bare and bloody. Blood ran from her nostrils and mouth. Her deformed beak was parted, and she panted. The rooster who loved her stood over her, guarding her from the others, and was with her when I took her inside, watching over her despite his own wounds.
    And blessedly, thanks to your human's loving care, noble Alaric's vigilenence and devotion, and your own indomitable spirit and will to survive you did recover, Victoria, healing physically and emotionally, learning to trust and enjoy life once more.

    Alaric suits his name quite well - he's a noble, good creature, who gives everything to his special hen, Victoria. When she was on the verge of death, he stood beside her, defending her, even though he was also hurt. He could have reached his head down, and finished her off, as many birds are prone to do when there is blood, but he did not. He stayed in her cage while she healed, never once pecking at her or pushing at her, allowing her to eat and drink without arguing when she took food from him. He taught her not to fear other chickens, not to fear him, and played a significant part in her recovery. She learned to be less afraid, and it's helped Victoria to be able to come back to a group without cowering.
    What else to be said other than the love and devotion you two share is an inspiration to us all! How lucky you are to have one another, how blessed your human is, having two such beautiful, giving and loving best feathered friends in you two! Great thanks to human for sharing your beautiful story of love and survival with us. Meeting you, having the honor of paying tribute to two such amazing creatures, has made my morning a whole lot brighter! Enjoy your big day in the spotlight, Victoria and Alaric, spending some peaceful time out in the yard, side by side, being loved and pampered to pieces by your wonderful human! Lots of love and gentle cuddles to you, brave and beautiful Victoria and Alaraic, our very special and most deserving Pets of the Day, EVERY day! Long and happy life to you both!


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    Victoria and Alaric

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    Congratulations on being Pets of the Day.
    What a wonderful story of love and compassion.
    I'm so glad you have each other and the person who cares for you.
    Celebrate your special day

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    What a dramatic tale of two chickens! There is clearly far more to Alaric and Victoria than meets the eye. They sure are beautiful those two! One can only wish them a safe and happy, uneventful and long future! I think they have earned a peaceful ride from here on out!

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    Dearest Victoria and Alaric, what beautiful Buff Laced Polish Chickens you are! Those feathers are so pretty, and the two of you together are a lovely couple.

    And what an amazing, uplifting, heartwarming story you have to tell, of survival and rescue and caretaking and loyalty and love! And what a beautiful tribute your dear person has written up about you two and your story! May you both live peaceful, love-filled lives from here on out.

    Congratulations, darling Victoria and Alaric, on being chosen today's Pets of the Day! We hope you and your dear person (and all your family and friends, that won't try to hurt you!) are enjoying a fine celebration, full of fun and lovies and all your favorite games and treats.

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    Victoria and Alaric are very brave and noble Polish Chickens and both deserve to be Pet of the Day.

    All things work together for good to them that love God.
    (Romans 8:28)

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    Congratulations, Victoria and Alaric, on sharing POTD honors today! Your back story is devastating and the reason I always beg people around the world to keep their pets (like GPs and rabbits) inside their homes. I cannot bear to think of the horrific event your human described. Sending love and best wishes for long, healthy, SAFE lives! P.S. I'm glad I'm a vegetarian!


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