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Thread: Goodbye sweet Oscar

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    Goodbye sweet Oscar

    In two weeks I was going to look after Oscar in my home, I have been doing this for years, and I was looking forward to see him again - but I won't see him anymore.

    His mom e-mailed me yesterday to tell me this:

    "Oscar has not been doing well the last weeks. Losing weight, eating little, getting weaker. His blood and urine tests came back and he is in kidney failure. The vet is giving him some intravenous fluids so that he will be a bit more comfortable today but then we have to say goodbye to him tomorrow, and I have asked the vet to come to our house to do it here."

    Oscar has been with his family since 2001, they are of course devastated. He is such a sweet boy and I will miss him, too. I think I first met him in 2012.

    Please send him and his family some comforting thoughts and a safe and easy journey to Oscar. Thank you!

    There are threads here with pictures of him, but I can't find any.

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    I'm so sorry for the loss of Oscar. 😢💔🐾
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    Oh no, Randi. I'm so sorry to hear this. I know how you were looking forward to spending some time with this precious boy. My heart goes out to Oscar's family. Losing a furkid is so, so painful, no matter how long the time together. How lucky Oscar was to have been so loved 16 wonderful years, how lucky his parents were to have had a furkid as special as him in their lives. Safe journey, sweet Oscar. You've earned your angel wings. Now rest easy, playing happily and healthy again at the Rainbow Bridge until that happy day when you and your parents are reunited.

    Love and comforting hugs to Oscar's family. Keeping you in my thoughts during this difficult time.

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    I am so sorry to hear about Oscar.

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    Aww, sendinng hugs to his family, and to you. Rest is purring peace, Oscar.
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    I am so very sorry, Randi! I remember a few threads and pictures of Oscar. Maybe they can be found.
    Comforting thoughts to Oscar's family.
    Dear Oscar, you are a wonderful and sweet boy, and I wish you an easy journey to the Rainbow Bridge!

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    I'm so sorry, Randi. Such a good, fine, loving and beloved kitty, and what a wonderful long life he has shared with his family and with you. My deepest sympathy to you folks and all who love Oscar so much and will miss him and grieve him. May your precious memories and keepsakes help to bring you some comfort.

    Loving thoughts and prayers to you, Oscar, now a glorious Angel, whole and healthy again at the Rainbow Bridge. Please send some loving purrrs to the hearts of your dear family members and friends to remind them that love is eternal, you are with them always, and you will all be together again, One Fine Day.

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    Oscar will never be forgotten and always missed. So very sorry for your loss and everyone that loved him.


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