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Thread: A elderly cat....a new beginning.

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    A elderly cat....a new beginning.

    Ran across this video & wanted to share with Pet Talkers. It is a sad tale but has a happy ending.
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    Aww, what a sad, sad story with a sweet ending!
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    Oh, that is a sad tale indeed, losing her family and then being treated like dirt. How wonderful that some loving people took her in, was patient enough and gave her the love and comfort she so badly needed.

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    What a gut wrenching story! I watched without sound, and even without hearing it, I cried through all of it. Just seeing how she slowly regained her trust in humans is amazing and heartwarming.
    Cinnamon is a true survivor, and she and her new family deserve all the best.

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    Poor Cinnamon, of all the people in the world she had to wind up with after her family passed, it had to be heartless souls with no brains. No wonder she was gutted, especially at her age and just bless her sweet little resilient heart. I am sure every Pet Talker is mad about Miss Cinnamon and I sure am, love her and wish her every second of happiness for whatever time remains. Such a brave and darling soul for sure.


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