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Thread: Need some knowledge about dog fleas please

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    Need some knowledge about dog fleas please

    Hi there,

    I have posted here twice about an annoying neighbours dog entering our garden on a daily basis annoying our poorly dog ( 5 year old arthritic Labrador buddy with elbow dysplacia and currently removing from arthroscopic surgery )

    During this time dealing with buddy's poorly legs I forgot to reapply his flea spot on and it ran about a month behind. Annoying neighbours dog is an outdoor dog and passed my dog fleas when he entered our garden and was trying to play with my dog, I knew it was this dog as my dog has been on complete house rest and the only interaction he has had is from this dog, not through choice as it just enters the garden. I went over the this dogs kennel yesterday and could see visible fleas on the dog.

    Firstly - would it be rude of me to tell my neighbour to flea treat his dog?

    I combed about 8 fleas out of buddy's coat on Wednesday evening, there was also a lot of flea dirt, first thing yesterday morning I went to the vet to pick up advocate spot on which is what he usually gets monthly, and applied it, I also bought staykill flea spray and sprayed the entire house top to bottom, vacated with my dog for an hour, came home and vaccumed top to bottom and moved all furniture to get underneath. I cleaned my own and my dogs bedding and all of his toys. Last night I combed buddy again and took out 2 dead fleas. I was just wondering if that's the end of it? Have I done enough to stop a house infestation? I've read that I can't kill any in the pupae stage but I am unsure as to whether there will be any in that stage in the house as I think buddy has fleas for a very short time. If the Hoover has missed any eggs etc and they hatch and land on the dog will they die since buddy has had treatment? Buddy has never had fleas before. Not even sure if I went overboard yesterday by cleaning the house top to bottom. Thanks for any advice as at the moment I'm constantly on the lookout for fleas in the house.

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    I am sorry to hear this, like all you need is to deal with this issue. I get it though, I would have done everything you did as well. Fleas really freak me out, have had horrible infestations years ago, I finally moved I believe. As far as your neighbors, they might be very open to the suggestion of flea treatment/prevention. Clearly it is only common sense. I guess if you suggest it in an assertive, positive way it might go swimmingly.... or not. I'd give it a try at least, if they get rid of their dogs fleas it would be such a relief!! I hope they are nice, intelligent people for your sake, good luck

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    You have done all the right things. However, you should talk to your neighbour and ask them to flea treat their dog. I know that can be difficult if you don't like each other, but the poor dogs are really suffering if they have fleas. A few drops once a month should keep them free of fleas.

    Oh, and seach on the web for flea treatment solutions and the consequences for the dogs. Print it out and give it to your neighbour.

    When you vacuum, make sure to empty the bag every time... outside and into bag that you keep closed. Fleas can reproduce everywhere, and eggs can live up to year. So vacuum every few days.

    You van also spray carpets and furniture with juice from lemons, or squirt some lavender oil around. Perhaps start growing lavender outside for future use.

    Good luck getting rid of the fleas!

    Here's one link:

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