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    Boston Terrier

    Does anyone here have BTs? I have a 6month old Sheltie that I'd love to get a companion for and I thought a BT would be a good idea.

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    My parents have two shelties and my sister has a boston terrier. The boston loves the shelties and always wants to play but the shelties are snotty and kinda say get lost.

    The boston terrier gets along great with my hounds and the hounds love her so if your shelties is friendly and likes other dogs Id think a boston would be great.
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    boston terriers a great dogs...they r so gentle and playful....i bet ur sheltie would get along great with one!
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    I have a Boston and he is awesome!!

    He is great with kids and people in general. Very active and friendly. Boston's tend to be protective of their family and home. He'll bark at people walking by our door and windows, but, if you open the door and let the person in, he'll be all kisses.

    He loves soft toys (stuffed animals) and it's even more special if it makes some kinda squeaky, grunting noise. I rescued my Boston, and you can tell he was taken from his mom to early, he tends to suckle his toys (like a kid sucking his thumb). Tug is another one of his favorite games, bad for the teeth, but, hey he loves it.

    My Boston doesn't hate other dogs, he just doesn't care about them. I've taken him out to play with my friends mini-schnauzers and he just doesn't care what they do. He's very into people and only shows concern for my husband, myself and any other humans in the park. I've talked to numerous Boston owners that say the same thing about theirs.
    Bostons were breed to be companion animals for people. Remember, this is a man invented breed.

    I would definetly (as a rule of thumb) research the breed before adopting/rescuing/breeding. Pug nosed dogs (the smashed face breeds) come with a unique set of health concerns. Boston's are very prone to catracts, I've heard of puppes even having them.

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    Welcome to Pet Talk! What a cutie pie! What's his name? Love the pictures and want to see more!!

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    Originally posted by micki76
    Welcome to Pet Talk! What a cutie pie! What's his name? Love the pictures and want to see more!!
    he sure is cute! i would also like to see some piccies!
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    He is ADORABLE!! Can't wait to hear more about him!!
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    So I like to brag about my little one just a little too much so bear with me... he has an online photo ablum (which I haven't updated since December) But here it is

    I'll let you know when I have time to get some more photo's loaded.

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    Bosten Terriers are very cute dogs. My uncle had one and it lived for about 15 years but now its in RB.
    RIP Clifford

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    for those of you in the greater San Francisco Bay Area (or if you know of people in the SF Bay Area)

    This is info about an up coming Boston Terrier play date:


    We have had a great response to the play group.
    Be sure to tell others with Boston's.

    We are having the first social Sunday, March 9th.

    It will be at:
    Corona Heights Park - At Museum Way and Roosevelt Avenue.

    It is located in San Francisco next
    to the Randall Museum. You cant see the dog area from the road. Park, walk in, it is just to your left.

    This is a great location. The park has an enclosed dog area and great views of the city.

    We will meet at 12:00 Noon.

    See you there
    Shannon, Tietjen and Tank

    Feel free to e-mail questions.


    From the East Bay:
    Once across the Bay Bridge, continue on highway staying in the middle lane, until the Fell Street Exit. Exit on Fell. Continue up Fell and take a left on Divisadero. Turn right on 14th St. Veer left onto Roosevelt Way. Continue 1/4 mile, Museum Way is on the left.

    From the East within the city:
    Drive west on 14th St., cross Market St. and continue uphill on 14th. After crossing Castro St., veer left onto Roosevelt Way. Continue 1/4 mile, Museum Way is on the left.

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    So I finally updated my Boston's online photo album (and I also had to move my URL)

    Yeah! more cute doggie pics!

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    I'm new to Pet Talk. I have recently adopted a year old
    Boston Terrier, Chipper. He's not your typical black and white, he is brindle color. He is a sweetie as he makes little baby noises
    when he is sleepy. He lives with 7 other big brothers and sisters
    2 goldens, 1 lab, 1 English springer spaniel, and 3 mixes.
    He was very shy at first but has adjusted very well. The only
    down side has been that he has a very sensitive tummy so
    he throws up alot. He is very attached to me, but does like
    other people. He's the closest thing that I've had to a real
    baby. lol I think you would enjoy having a Boston Terrier.

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    Ya' know, I met another Boston with a super sensitive stomach the other day. And mine upchucks about twice a week. I should research that some more, I'm not sure if it's really common for the breed or not, seems to be.

    I love the brindle color in Boston's it so cute... Mine has a little tiny bit of brindle coloring, but, you really can only see it when the suns shinning down on him and you're looking for it. It is a breed standard though.

    Congrats on the newest addition to your collection. Boston's are awesome!

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