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Thread: looking to buy boston terrier, miniture

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    looking to buy boston terrier, miniture

    i am looking to buy a boston terrier.....any suggestions?

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    First of all, anyone advertising "Miniature" Boston Terriers is probably not a good breeder, as there is no such thing, really. Some are naturally a little smaller or bigger than breed standard, but there's no recognized "miniature" so either they are breeding in a smaller dog - a Chihuahua for example, or breeding the smallest Bostons to each other, and likely creating genetic problems breeding closely related dogs, so best stay away from them.

    You can look for Boston Terriers on and I bet you can find plenty of Bostons needing homes, you just have to put in your zip code so it can show you ones near you!
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    ADOPT!!! Please, don't buy when shelter dogs die.


    There is no such thing as a "miniature Boston Terrier". Miniature is a size, not a breed.

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    There are essentially two responsible ways to acquire a dog (in my opinion).

    1) Shelters/rescues. Check your local animal control or humane society. Check out for dogs in your area.

    2) A responsible breeder. A good breeder, in my opinion, is one who does health testing, is breeding to better the breed in some way (and is active in conformation, sports, work, etc) and takes responsibility for any offspring they produce (will take any dog back at any time).

    To find a breeder you should go to the breed's club website or visit shows and inquire about the dogs that you see.

    You should avoid pet stores and back yard breeders (who usually advertise in newspapers). Back yard breeders are people who think that fluffy and buddy would make cute puppies, are in it for money or want to get another dog just like theirs. The dogs are usually riddled with health problems and do not fit the breed standard in looks or temperament. Back yard breeders put labels on dogs to make them more appealing, such as miniature boston terriers, teacup chihuahuas or yorkipoo.

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    There are a ton of boston terriers in rescue and keep in mind they have a lot of health problems even if they are from a good breeder. Cherry eye, eyelids curling in which is called entropian and they have to have surgery which can be expensive, heart problems, etc.

    Do your research they are terriers and not for everyone. They are wonderful dogs, though and clowns. Is there a reason you want one? There is no such thing as a miniature boston terrier. They are only one size.
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    Adopt a rescue! Bostons are wonderful dogs. I am biased because I have 2. has many bostons. Just put your zip in and see what comes up. Let us know what you do. And as Karen said, there is no such thing as a miniature boston terrier. They greatly vary in weight 12-35 lbs. I have a 22 and a 30 pounder. They are my first children. Feel free to PM me for other boston terrier related resources.

    Also, I can confirm that they do come with an array of health problems. Frankie has had from mild to severe: seasonal allegies treated with 100$ a month pills, cherry eye and luxating patella. All his surgeries including neuter have cost us well over 3000.
    With Beenie we were lucky, so far she has only has demodex mange as a puppy, but that cleared up as she got a stronger immune system when she got older.

    They are very high energy dogs so if you can't walk/play with them often, be prepared to find your baseboards eaten up as well as other surprises!! LOL


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