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    For My Pet Spa

    Hi. My pet spa business has been running for like 4 years now. I can say it's doing good. I want to do surveys and suggestions to make our service better. Any tips on how I should start doing surveys? I don't really have any idea. A friend suggestion it when we were having coffee yesterday. Thanks for your time.

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    Think of what information a survey could reveal. Then have a bunch of cards printed, so when anyone comes in, give them a little card with the URL of the survey if you are doing it online, or have sheets of paper with questions and envelopes for them to email or mail it back.
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    Maybe ask people on Pet Talk the questions. Whatever response you receive will certainly be genuine and honest. I think you probably have a pretty good idea by now of what people want. Just figuring out financial benefits in the long run can be tricky. A short questionnaire for your regulars would be cheap and maybe quite informative, after all your regular customers will pass on the info. Word of mouth is a spectacular plan. Pretty much what Karen said.

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    In this situation, I think you will get a higher response if you have a short questionnaire on paper at the counter (and have some pencils or pens handy) then have folks fill it in while you are ringing in the transaction and getting their pet.

    Have a box for them to put it in, so their answers remain anonymous. Maybe a shoe box with a slit at the top, and duct tape to seal it -- so they know you can't just dip in and read it the moment they are out the door.

    As for what to ask, think about different aspects of your business, things you can change if you want to. What I mean is, the groomer I use for clipping nails is in a building with 4 steep stairs up. There is no point in me commenting on removing the stairs as she has no control over that. Make the questions yes / no answers, so it is quick and easy for folks. Have it set up like this: ____ yes ____ no so they can quickly and easily mark things off. So things you could ask include:

    - do you like scented shampoo on your pet . . . this would tell you if you have the proper product in stock. If someone marks NO SCENT then you make sure you have at least one unscented product on hand at all times, and you start asking folks either when they make the appt or when they drop the pet off, if they want scented, unscented or do not care.

    - do you brush your pet between visits here . . . this will help you consider if you .offer some slicker brushes or pin brushes for sale

    - do you brush your pet's teeth . . . offer an add on service (for a fee) to brush teeth

    - do you walk your pet daily . . . this may suggest you should have some things on offer for walkies. Maybe small bags of treats for purchase, or perhaps a few bandannas for special occasions. If you decide to offer home made treats, be aware that some pets have food allergies and need grain free or may have other requirements. I don't know what if any regulations may apply offering home made food. You could pick up some high quality treats to make it easy for folks to get them with you, maybe Ziwi Peaks for instance.

    - I'm sure you can think of a few more yes/no questions specifically directed to your business. Ask about the hours, if those are convenient (maybe you need to stay open later one night per week?).

    Then have a space at the bottom for suggestions to be written. The lead in to that could read something like this: We want to ensure we offer the services our clients want. What things do you like about our grooming service? Are there things you wish we offered or did differently? Please list / explain below:

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    Wow. I feel ecstatic with your comments. I took your advice and performed the following things below.

    1. Ask them short questions, around 5-10. Most of them provided very positive feed back.

    2. Created a drop box to receive any suggestions from customers. Planning to open it at the end of the month.

    3. With regards, with Karen suggestion, I have not tried it yet. I am not sure if I need rectifications on my website, and the tools I used. I consulted some of my IT friends already and they mentioned about audit management software that can upgrade my system. Anyway, I think this is not important to mention.

    Thank you very much!

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    One way to get people to respond is to put up a sign with the offer of something to fill out a survey - a dog treat or maybe something you can buy in bulk and personalize? A keychain, fridge magnet maybe?

    Or, if you are able, to put together some stuff for a gift bag and pull a one of the finished surveys as the winner? Do this once a month?

    How's about some special offers?

    Like a coupon page?
    Or offer specials on slow days? 10% off on Tuesday afternoons?
    Can you do a "fourth appointment free" kind of deal?
    You might offer packages - 5 dates for the price of four?
    Make up some flyers with an "new customers" offer on the prices?

    You might want to see what other spas are charging and use that as a guide for your own pricing?

    good luck!

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    I think if you are just starting out, making $ is key. No freebies. Consistent and honest, caring service speaks for itself IMHO. Caring for someone's beloved with great passion speaks for itself. Definately ask every person what they deem important and require. Every pet is different and needs their own specific needs met. That being said... I have no idea what I am talking about Sounds good to me though.


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