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Thread: Blizzard in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska

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    Blizzard in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska

    Sharing with you a video made by one of my co-workers the morning after we got blasted with a blizzard with gusts of wind up to 80 miles per hour.
    Luckily, no one was hurt. But, the storm came on us so quickly that people were forced to stop in the road because they could not see the road in front of them. I'm told close to 200 people spent the night stranded in their vehicles. As they ran out of fuel, they ran to the next truck to stay warm until that truck ran out of fuel.....

    This video is the morning after as a convoy of vehicles is finally able to get through to head back to camp passing the stranded vehicles. (The snow plows had been able to get through to move the snow drifts so that buses could get through to pick up the people). The video starts with a little narration but then some loud music starts. Just warning you so your speakers won't blast you.
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    Wow, at least we have had plenty of warning for all the storms we had this winter, and they don't come on that fast!
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    Wow! That's bad. I guess our 6 inches of snow Sunday wasn't so bad after all!
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    Oh my God. I'm so glad nobody got hurt.
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