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Thread: Hummingbird attack

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    Hummingbird attack

    Just wanted to share about my hummingbird because it's cute and funny. I have three that drink nectar out of my feeder and the bright green one has taken a bit of a dark turn. Whenever I go to clean or change the nectar she makes this loud buzzing sound and dive bombs straight at me. She really has a temper. Tries to take me out whenever she see's me now. Talk about an ingrate! Guess I'll just have to do it in the evening when she's not around, no need to stress the poor dear out. Also, looks like that beak is pretty sharp!

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    Where are you located? I'm assuming you are nowhere near all the snow and cold weather many people are having. I know what you mean by the hbirds attacking or zooming at you. I've had it happen when I was either putting up feeder or taking it down to clean & refill in the summer.

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    Ha ha, I am in Surrey, B.C. In Canada. I just find it so funny that one green one is so brave and aggressive. We have had the mildest winter I can remember in years. It barely even froze more than once or twice. Maybe the bird flew into a window and got brain damage or something. Anyway, they are so cute, aren,t they? Well, maybe not the green one so much anymore!

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    Aww, she's defending her food source - and has no idea YOU are the one supplying the actual food!
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    Yes, I believe you are so right. It is so cute, but I can definitely do it in the evening as not to freak her out. They never feed then and I don't want to lose an eye

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    I see our hummers fight each other over the feeders, but never me when I get the feeders down.
    Right now I am sitting here watching non-hummingbirds come to the nectar feeder in the backyard. We have a seed feeder out front. It must be empty.
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