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Thread: Beautiful Beau

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    Beautiful Beau

    Beau, congrats on being such a stunning cat of the day! You have grown so much from when I first saw your baby photos.

    Every day at work I hear about your exploits so it's almost as if I've met you. It's great that you and Bella play now too.

    Your eyes are just like cornflowers and your coat is so plush. No wonder your people are devoted to you. Enjoy your special day, special Beau.

    Angel, Puddy and Tinkerbell

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    Aw what a beauty you are dear Beau !!!
    I love longhaired cats to (I have 2) !!
    Your gorgeous fur looks sooooo soft, I wish I could reach out and treat you with a good belly cuddle!
    May contrast for being chosen as our COTD!!
    Be sure to het extra kuddes en goodie as well


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