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    Oh Lamar, what a wonderful rescue story!! I could hug both you and your people for saving you. Happy DOTD!!!
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    Congratulations on being Dog of the Day.
    You sound like the perfect Dog, playful and well behaved.
    What a wonderful combination.
    You can tell that your family really loves you.
    Celebrate your very special day.

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    I went from laughing to tearing up and laughing again.. what a wonderful story.. what a wonderful boy... and how wonderful it is for us to meet him.
    Congratulations Lamar for being honored as Dog of the Day. In my are Dog of the Year! Now go get those hateful pigeons!!

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    You, your husband and Lamar are indeed blessed to have found each other. What a special, smart, handsome dog he is and well deserving of your love and care.

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    Lamar I am so happy you got the home you deserve. I am completely outraged by people who want to shoot dogs and you are a case in point of why. They are ignorant, but you are so smart. You are cutey pie too

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    Hello Lamar, it's a pleasure to meet you. What a handsome special smart dog you are! I read your story with great interest. I smiled at some of it and got teary when I read that scars were found in/on your skin. You certainly are lucky that you were rescued by your present family. There is no doubt but that they love you very much. I liked all your great photos. Hopefully you will have many happy healthy years with your family. Cograts on being DOTD!

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    Oh, handsome Lamar! I laughed when I read that you love to swim but you're not too keen on having a bath I would love to watch you happily playing with your toys, or having fun outdoors! I can just picture the smiles you bring to people who meet you I hope your patella heals very well, sweet boy. I am glad you have a home where you are much loved and cared about! XO XO Happy Dog of the Day to you, Lamar!
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    Precious Lamar!

    Hi Lamar! Happy Dog of the Day! What a beautiful boy you are, what a heartwarming, life affirming story of rescue is yours! I too went from laughter to tears to laughter, reading your mommy's love filled tribute to her beautiful best boy! No doubt that you and your mommy and daddy were meant to be together, and we give them our heartfelt thanks for choosing rescue, for choosing YOU! What a team! You had a horrible start at life, Lamar. But no worries! Nothing but happy, fun and love filled days for you! It makes me so happy, knowing such a special pup, such a deserving doggie, is finally living the good life with his forever family! Thanks to your family for sharing your precious self, your rags to riches story and all of those utterly heart melting pics with us! You truly are a gem, and so very worthy of your "top dog" honors! Hope you're enjoying an extra special day of celebration, sweetheart; swimming in your beloved water, taking a nice walk with mom, playing with your toys, being loved and pampered to pieces! You sure deserve it! Lots of love, hugs and kisses to you, precious Lamar! XO XO XO

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