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Thread: My bunny scratches me badly when I hold her,why?

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    My bunny scratches me badly when I hold her,why?

    I have had Luna for about a month now, yet when I try to hold her, she kicks and scratches. I understand that bunnies are not cuddly toys and they don't like to be held, but I don't want this behavior to continue.

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    You can get her used to being held, it will just take time. Remember, anything that picks a bunny up in the wild is intending to kill and eat it, so you can understand her fear. As soon as you pick her up, make sure her feet are touching some part of you, your arm, or your chest or your lap ... Hold her firmly but gentle, and speak softly to her. If you do this at least once a day, or even twice, and pet her while you are holding her, in time she will realize it is safe, and will not kick or scratch any more.

    I held my bunny every single day when we first got her, but my husband did not. Therefore when she was older, she was perfectly fine with me holding her, but hated when he did! Even though she loved him, and demanded daily attention from him!
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