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    You're a cutie Indivar!!! Just look at that blue tongue!

    The video of you playing with the ball is so cool! Congrats on being POTD!

    I hope this is a special day for you and your person!
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    I agree, the video of Indivar was so cute, had no idea he played ball! I'm a big fan of Indivar! Excellent POTD!

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    Indivar, you are such a novel POTD and I am delighted to see and read about you on my Birthday!! Your blue tongue is so special and how you play is enchanting! I wish you many happy years with your devoted guardian, dear Indivar!

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    Stunning Indivar!

    Hi Indivar! Happy Pet of the Day! What a beauty, what a cutey, what an amazing creature you are, Indivar! That blue tongue is so beautiful, and I was so intrigued, reading of how it factors into your self defense! Thankully, being a homebody, you are safe from predators! And how cool was your vid!!! Seeing you playing so joyfully with that ball, and your doggie bud, was the best! Great thanks to your mom for sharing your beautiful self; your backstory, so much great info, and those precious pics and the video with us! Meeting you today was a real treat! (Would love to see more pics and vids! You need your own FB page!) How lucky your family is, having a skinned kid as special as you, Indivar! You're amazing! Hope you're enjoying a happy and fun filled Pet of the Day bash, sweetheart, being loved and pampered to pieces! Lots of love to you, beautiful Indivar, our very special and most deserving honoree! Long and happy life to you! XO XO XO

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