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Thread: Pictures and videos of all my bettas :D

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    Pictures and videos of all my bettas :D

    I don't have names for anyone yet, I've been trying to think of something good it just hasn't come to me yet lol.

    I believe he is a round tail, not sure what the coloring is called (he is the dad of my recent spawn)

    My newest Dude. I think he is a marble (piebald?) double tail.

    Couldn't get a good shot of him. He's my first betta. Fins are torn cause I thought he would live in my community tank but they didn't not want him there

    One female

    Other female - mom to recent spawn

    My pretty rosetail. I love him.

    Next post I'll show some of the spawning pics and videos

    Clover, Loki, Shadow, Pixel and Kyo

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    Fry just after hatching. Still staying in the nest with Dad taking care of them.

    Fry one week old.

    lol snail to keep things clean


    I have one more of them spawning I'll post once it uploads

    Clover, Loki, Shadow, Pixel and Kyo

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    Those fish are gorgeous! You are doing a great job with housing for them to be so bright and colorful!

    I was thinking you could use names from The 3 Musketeers for the males AND females!

    The males could be: Athos, Porthos and Aramis, the gals could be Conny and Milady lol.

    Did you see my post in your spawn thread in the other site?

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    Thanks! Those are cute names too I might use them!

    Yeah I saw your post I forgot to reply!

    Clover, Loki, Shadow, Pixel and Kyo

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    WOW! Beautiful fish! You're terrific taking care of the fish--so lovely--such great colors.


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