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Thread: Unknown Chihuahua Mix

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    Unknown Chihuahua Mix

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ID:	58457Hi all! This is my first post but I found this forum when trying to do some research on my new little puppy because he is such a question mark! The people we got him from saved him from some seedy folk. They told them that this little guy is a Pomchi (pomeranian chihuahua) but I personally see NO Pomeranian in him. He almost has the hair and face of a golden retriever but I'm not sure I know how that would work. He's ten weeks old, if anyone has any guesses please let me know thanks!
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    Thanks so much! Uploaded them now correctly I think

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    Yay, now we can see them! I guess time will tell, he doesn't look much like either breed right now, but some dogs change a lot as they grow! It will be interesting to see what his fur texture is like as an adult, and how big he gets to be. He is already as big as a Chihuahua from the looks of him, but those ears are too big and floppy right now for a Pom or a Chihuahua - who have big ears but the are "up ears!" What is his behavior like?
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    I too was thinking he seemed big for a Chihuahua! He's a little mystery pup. As for his behavior, he is very trusting, doesn't mind being picked up and held. He sleeps a lot during the day, and then has a little bit of a crazy hour at night with lots of biting (we're working on this but he's still so young). He is not very aggressive on walks, more of a sniffer and a meanderer, sometimes just stops until he's picked up. But mostly I am impressed with how smart he is. He already knows "sit" and our friend trained him to "lay down" in under an hour. Also he came to us nameless at ten weeks old, and learned our name for him (Otto) in three days. So far that's all I know about this little guy, thanks so much for the help!

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    He is still very young. I can see some pom in him, maybe as he grows his fur will grow and resemble more pom

    That's the issue with "breeding" designer breeds... you never really get a 50/50 mix of both parents... some puppies look more like mom, others more like dad, some more of a mix of both. If he has papers saying he is a pom/chi mix, then he likely is.


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    Sorry -but I see absolutely NO Pom in this pup - and not much Chi either. Looks more like a terrier mix of sorts to me.

    Check my siggy pic. Myndi is the black purebred Pom. Notice the little ears and shape of the head - this little dog in question looks nothing like a Pom in any way, shape, or form. And look at Sparky in the pic with Myndi - his mom was a white Pom and daddy a tan and white Shih Tzu, but he has no resemblance at all to a Pom and looks like a purebred Tzu.

    My current little fur kid was a rescue, and listed as a Pom mix on the Pet Finder website. He does resemble a Pom, but his ears are bigger and the shape of his head takes on a more slender and delicate look - I'm thinking maybe some Yorkie in him. Who knows? Makes no difference to me at all - I love him whatever he is. I'll attach a pic..............

    So just enjoy your new little kid, and stop wondering about his breed. I'm sure he doesn't care what he is, and just wants to be your little lovebug!Click image for larger version. 

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    ETA: And yes - I agree about the "Golden" look too.
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    Otto is very cute. I don't think he is a Pom or a Chi. I have one of each (see pics in my sig). Both are small weighing about 5 lbs each and they're grown. Pom is 2.5 yrs old and Chi is 6 yrs old. I don't know your breed of dog but he's cute. Just enjoy and love him.

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