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    Hello Everyone,

    It has been a while since I have been on the site. In fact, Our Ginger (Beagle) has passed. Dan (husband was particularly sad). Bob is 8 years old now, and just last month had a seizure. Very disoriented and scary afterwards. Did not recognize me, was even growling and it took about 5 minutes before he was able to know me and listen to commands. He just had one agin today. It is very scary and I feel so bad for him. I'm sure this has been covered many times on here, but what am I to expect in the future? I took Bob to the vet immediately following his first seizure. He ran a complete blood panel - looking for any underlying causes. Came up negative on all fronts. Told me I might want to consider medication, or wait and see how frequent the seizures were, and how long they last. Any thoughts, and or experienced information would be greatly appreciated. And good to see some of the other comments and pics...
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    Aww, I am glad they ran bloodwork as many different illnesses can cause seizures. Do write down when he has one and how long it lasts, as that will help them know if anti-seizures medicine will be helpful or not, or if it is necessary. Some dogs can take a low- dose med that will eliminate or cut down on seizures entirely. It is tricky, and varies from dog to dog. All you can do is see if it happens a particular time of day, or after certain activities, and keep him from stairs or other dangerous places during that time. You and Bob will be in our prayers.
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    How scary this must be - for all of you!

    I do not have any experience with seizures (dogs, cats, nope) but I hope you can find something to help him. Prayers from RI.

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    Keep a log of seizure activity including dates, severity, and how long the post-ictal period lasts. Stay in contact with your vet, they will be able to advise you best.



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