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Thread: Wrapping presents with dogs

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    Wrapping presents with dogs

    My brother sent this to me today. I had to pass it along.

    Wrapping Presents With Dogs

    1. Gather presents, boxes, paper, etc. in middle of living room floor.

    2. Get tape back from puppy.

    3. Remove scissors from older dog's mouth.

    4. Open box.

    5. Take puppy out of box.

    6. Remove tape from older dog's mouth.

    7. Take scissors away from puppy.

    8. Put present in box.

    9. Remove present from puppy's mouth.

    10. Put back in box after removing puppy from box.

    11. Take scissors from older dog and sit on them.

    12. Remove puppy from box and put on lid.

    13. Take tape away from older dog.

    14. Unroll paper.

    15. Take puppy OFF box.

    16. Cut paper being careful not to cut puppy's foot or nose that is getting in the way as he "helps."

    17. Let puppy tear remaining paper.

    18. Take puppy off box.

    19. Wrap paper around box.

    20. Remove puppy from box & take wrapping paper from its

    21. Tell older dog to fetch the tape so he will stop stealing it.

    22. Take scissors away from puppy.

    23. Take tape older dog is holding.

    24. Quickly tape one spot before taking scissors from older dog & sitting on them again.

    25. Fend off puppy trying to steal tape & tape another spot.

    26. Take bow from older dog.

    27. Go get roll of wrapping paper puppy ran off with.

    28. Take scissors from older dog who took them when you got up.

    29. Give pen to older dog to hold so he stops licking your face.

    30. Remove puppy from present & hurriedly slap tape on to hold the paper on.

    31. Take now soggy bow from puppy & tape on since the
    sticky stuff no longer sticks.

    32. Take pen from older dog, address tag & affix while puppy tries to eat pen.

    33. Grab present before puppy opens it & put it away.

    34. Clean up mess puppy & older dog made playing tug-of-
    war with remnants of wrapping paper.

    35. Put away rest of wrapping supplies & tell dogs what good helpers they are.
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    This was great! I copied it and forwarded to several dog friends! Thanks for sharing!!!

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    My son put this on his web site. Way too funny! Anyone with a pet knows how this works (or doesn't).

    I have taken to wrapping packages on the table. I also move all the chairs away so the four of them can't get up and watch/help.

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    That is so funny!! While I wrapped, my two dogs sat right there and watched--but I think it's because I was at the dinner table, and they thought I might drop something for them

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    LOL....very true! Reggie and Smokey unwrap their xmas presents every year, but they don't usually bug us while wrapping them. Nebo on the other hand.....I have to tie him up just out of reach of the wrapping paper...had him loose once, and he was just entirely too much "help!!"

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    I'm so pleased that everyone enjoys this so much. The puppy in this grew up to become a CH/HIT/Belgian Biathlon/SAR (HRD)/multi registry obedience titled/ therapy dog and worked in a nursing home. She was my freestyle partner and a Canine Ambassador. The older pup sadly went to the Bridge at a young 4.5 years.
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