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Thread: So I'm a small animal mama again...

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    So I'm a small animal mama again...

    I adopted 5 baby rats last week... yes, 5 LOL . It was my intention to keep 2 and adopt out 3 of them... Well, I'm down to 4 we see how well that went!

    I have 2 double rexes (Peach and Pepper) who are semi-hairless and the cutest things; one is sort of albino-ish and Pepper is gray and white, a white with red eyes named PipSqueak, and I'm pretty sure a gray Dumbo named Phoebe. All girls!

    They are such fun pets, I've never had rats before but I am enjoying them. They're about 8-9 weeks old so they are all still quite little!

    I'll get some pictures posted on here later, but I did want to go ahead and introduce them. They are the cutest, I think they may be my new favorite small pets.
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    Aww, I am sure you have fallen in love with them, rats are such dear, smart, enduring critters! Have fun setting up obstacle courses for them, etc!
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