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Thread: 4th of July

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    4th of July

    My poor dog shakes so bad on 4th of july, idk what to do for her.

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    Hi, so sorry your pup is afraid of the noise. There is a thing called a "thunder shirt" that helps some dogs. Other than that, keeping her as sheltered from the noise - maybe in the basement - and playing some music and just being with her for the time the fireworks are happening is the best you can do. Try playing games with her, running her through any tricks or commands she knows - keep her focussed on you, and on happy things, and it might help.
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    My female doesn't like them either. This year we didn't have a problem. We stayed in the house with all doors and windows closed and I had the TV up pretty loud.
    Last weekend I had the door open and some went off. She did her "freak out" thing. Which is trying to climb up on the headboard of the bed or the back of the couch. She shakes and drools and just seems confused.
    Luckily, all fireworks are illegal in my county. But you still have those that will do it anyway. Friday night I actually fell asleep with the TV on just so she would be distracted with that and not hear them.

    I hear the thunder shirt works well for some dogs. It wouldn't for mine. She freezes up if we put any type of clothing on her. So that would make her more anxious.

    Good luck!
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