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Thread: Ray & Roy's Lucky Day!

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    Ray & Roy's Lucky Day!

    Congratulations, Precious Ray and Roy, on sharing your POTD honor today! Your photos are ADORABLE - and so patriotic! We hope your rescue story encourages people everywhere to go to shelters first to adopt all pets! We hope you have a wonderful day and a long, happy, healthy, safe, fun life! (rescues)

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    You're both so adorable Ray and Roy!!! Congrats on being POTD!

    I hope you have a fun 4th and Jerry too!
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    Hello Ray and Roy, What cute little fellers you are! Say Hello to Jerry too . I hope all of you have long healthy happy lives. It sure sounds as if your human has made a good home for you. Congrats on being POTD!

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    Ray and Roy

    Shelter pets are the best.
    They appreciate their "furever" home.
    Roy and Ray let me pick them up and pet them, where some from the pet shop are more afraid of me.
    Roy and Ray are proud to be Pet of the Day. We let Dr. Moore and the Humane Society know that
    we made it.

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    Just love Roy and Ray! Glad to see Jerry too! Excellent wee Pets of the Day!

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    How great that you were both adopted together! May you have a wonderfully fun POTD and Fourth of July celebration with your devoted guardian, and enjoy many happy, healthy years together in your loving home!

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