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Thread: My dog is too mellow - bored :(

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    My dog is too mellow - bored :(

    I rescued a 3yo husky/pit mix, 3mo ago - she was a stray- tracked old owners down long story short she lived outside on a patio most of her life (keep in mind I'm in Las Vegas it's a 120f in summer) anyhow- she's too mellow, I try n take her for walks but either she's outta shape or it's too hot , she doesn't fetch , she doesn't run (my kid has to pull her to get her to do it) tried simple food puzzles( hiding food under a bowl or towel) no go, she does do tricks took 2weeks to learn sit, and shake well were still working on it, she seems very independent (husky a I know) doesn't like to cuddle, won't even sleep on my bed, took her to vet, she does have food allergies but that's it, (and that just started 2wks ago) I mean I love her but feel like we're not really bonding or she's bored?? I dunno something's not right - maybe it's the allergies? (I have to wait I'm in my last weeks of RN school and I'm broke, vet wants $100 for a bag of food, $25 a week in pills- so that'll be another month before I can pay that) any thoughts?

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    If she is that low energy, it does sound like she may be feeling ill from her allergies. What did the vet diagnose her allergies as? There is likely a less expensive way than the $100 a bag food that could help start her feeling better. When my allergies are acting up, I am miserable, hasn't happened in years, but doing anything strenuous is NOT on the agenda then.

    Getting her feeling better is the best step, let us know what the vet said.

    Bless you for taking her on, a husky/pit mix would be an instant "no way" for many people. You are making progress, and I bet when she is well again, with more work, you'll see progress. Given her previous existence, learning things like "play" will take time - count yourself smart to have persisted and taught her what you already have!
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    Good for you taking this pup in and caring about her!

    Do you have ticks in that region? Could she have Lyme disease? That was one thing which ran through my mind.

    For food allergies, there are some things which work for most dogs:
    - use a high quality grain free food. Dogs in the wild rarely eat grains, and they can not digest corn. So corn in a dog food is just a filler, it provides no nutritional value to the dog. Food brands which are grain free include Earthborn Holistics (which is what I use), and Taste of the Wild.
    - use an alternative protein source. Many dogs become allergic to beef and chicken the 2 most common protein sources. Look for bison, elk, rabbit, duck. The Earthborn Holistics has these in their grain free formulas (I can't recall Taste of the Wild just now). Here is a link:
    - remember to use grain free treats, as well. Good treats include: sliced raw sweet potato (helps keep the teeth clean), sliced apple, frozen or raw fresh green beans, and carrots. You can also purchase grain free treats such as Plato's Farmers Market Salmon and Vegetables, here is a link:

    For training, you want to use high value treats -- things she does not get at any other time. This will make training more interesting and she will be motivated to learn. Things like: cut up hot dog, cut up cracker barrel extra sharp cheddar, and boiled boneless, skinless chicken breast. Training treats are SMALL. A hot dog can make 88 treats! This gives you an idea of size. Being so small, when the dog 'gets' it, especially the first time, you JACK POT, meaning she gets 5 or 8 or 10 treats! Oh, and when I boil the chicken breast, I add a small amount of minced garlic to the water, so it gets some added flavor and health benefits.

    From what you describe of her background, this girl has not had the opportunity to bond with humans. Give her time, she needs to learn to trust humans and work out how to interact with them. As you are going in to summer there, I expect she may not want to sleep on a warm bed with another warm body until . . . October?! The floor will feel cooler for her.

    Other things to consider:
    - use stainless steel food and water bowls, plastic will hold allergens, and is a great place for bacteria to collect
    - use filtered water, such as a Brita filter pitcher, for her water
    - keep baggies of those high value treats in the fridge ready to grab and go, and take them with you on walks. Treat her for walking with you, maybe every 10 steps at first. If you find you have to drag her for 10 steps, treat her for 8. With her size, you should be able to do this easily, having one treat in your hand and you keep walking, just drop the hand down for her to take the treat. (I have SMALL doggies, I have to bend down to treat on walks, lol).

    Hope this helps!

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    Is this a sudden change or has she always been this way?

    Some dogs are just mellow and low energy. I had a dog that was not food or toy driven... but he was people driven. Loved cuddling and playing with us, but otherwise... his butt was parked on the couch almost every other hour out of the day. When we brought our second dog home, he did seem to perk up a bit and LOOOOVED playing and chasing around the yard with her.

    If there is nothing medically wrong to explain the mellow behavior... then just appreciate the fact that your husky mix is not a bouncing ball of insatiable energy... unless, of course, that isn't what you're looking for in a dog... maybe look into getting a second dog, or just enjoy her for the couch potato she is

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    My dog is too mellow - bored :(

    You need to get a one more new dog for some change in home and also you enjoy with your both puppies.

    Thank you


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