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Thread: Dog Middle Names

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    Dog Middle Names

    The Cat Middle Names thread is going strong - so does anyone's dog have a middle name?

    My folks' Saint Bernard, Bruni, was Brunhilde Freya and Gracie was the Princess of Grace - so I guess grace was technically her middle name?

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    Lollipop Ginger Ginger is her middle name
    Owned by my baby and heart-dog Lolli.

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    I never use the middle name, but I've always said Zoee is Zoee Jayne. There is a song by Staind (which I've never heard) called Zoe Jane. I thought it was a remake of an older song. But when I googled it all that came up was Staind.

    Taggart does not have a middle name. They all have a thousand nicknames.
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    None of mine had an official middle name - just lots of nicknames that got tacked on after the first name, every so often. The only exception was 2 of my Lhasa Apsos from many years ago who were AKC registered, and had official longer names. The girl was Tai Ling Soo, and her son was Wei Wooli-Bear. Of course RB Myndi was registered too, and she was Myndi-Jo Kong - and a lot of nicknames too. Sparky was a half-breed tho, you would never know just by looking at him. He had a lot of the silly names too. Wolfy has a few silly names that he is called at times in addition to just Wolfy-------------The Wolfman, Wolfenheimer, Wolfenstein, Melonhead, Twinkletoes. I'm sure he wouldn't like it that I revealed the Twinkletoes name - afterall -it isn't very manly sounding. He picked up that name since the 2 middle toes on both of his back feet are white, and really "twinkle" against the rest of the dark fur that he has.
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    Of all of my dogs, past and present, only Layla has a middle name. Layla Angel.
    She was my Angel when I lost my RB Mandy and thought I'd die of a broken heart.
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    I was lucky enough to think of a main name as it was. so none of my pets had middle names LOL

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    Today's DOTD has a middle name, Mabel Katherine
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    Aaahh, I have been defrosted! Thank you, Bonny and Asiel!
    Brrrr, I've been Frosted! Thank you, Asiel and Pomtzu!

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    I'm a little bit obsessed with giving them all middle names. LOL
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    ^ holy shizznits youre alive! LOL


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