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Thread: Breeding a male red tri BC (Border Collie)

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    Unless you're following through with all certifications, testings, and clearances... I'm sorry, but you would be a backyard breeder.

    I welcome RESPONSIBLE breeders with open arms. But, please. Educate yourself first. Think of the dogs, NOT of your own personal agenda.

    Your ignorance regarding not only pit bulls but pet overpopulation is sad... pet overpopulation is NOT limited to any one breed but encompasses ALL breeds... including your beloved border collies that you seem to think are exempt from this problem.

    Wolfsoul has some EXCELLENT advice. You would do very well by following it.


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    Thanks Wolfsoul! It's always a pleasure to see your dogs!

    I too love the IDEA of breeding the occasional litter - In my fantasy world I would have Bedlington Terriers...but I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I couldn't handle it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doug_FL View Post
    I looked up Back Yard Breeder. I don't see it pertaining to me or what my plans are. I have only spoken to my vet once about this.
    I have going to that practice for 10 years. The comments I have gotten seem to suggest, only a very few people have the right to
    breed dogs. And if I breed mine, it will force a Pit Bull to remain in a shelter. The reality is there are too many Pit Bulls, not too many
    BCs. People are scared of that breed, that is why there are so many in shelter. I would not even have one. The building where I live
    does not allow them. A Border Collie or Aussie was not a problem. Pits can be unpredictable. They can cause a problem with home
    owners insurance as well.
    Your ignorance about Pitbulls alone is why you SHOULDN'T be breeding. I don't even get why you started this thread, since you know everything already. I was at a shelter yesterday and there were 4 pitbulls and 4 border collies in the an equal number. But no, you're not going to be adding to the issue at all.

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    Wow! Those Belgian Sheperds! Cuteness Overload Alert needed with pics. These pups are sooo adorable! Plus excellent advice/guide to what's involved in breeding.

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    There is much more that I would like to say about the OP's motives, but it is useless and akin to beating a dead horse. He obviously had his mind made up as to what he would do, even before he started this thread. What a shame.
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