I looked up Back Yard Breeder. I don't see it pertaining to me or what my plans are. I have only spoken to my vet once about this.
I have going to that practice for 10 years. The comments I have gotten seem to suggest, only a very few people have the right to
breed dogs. And if I breed mine, it will force a Pit Bull to remain in a shelter. The reality is there are too many Pit Bulls, not too many
BCs. People are scared of that breed, that is why there are so many in shelter. I would not even have one. The building where I live
does not allow them. A Border Collie or Aussie was not a problem. Pits can be unpredictable. They can cause a problem with home
owners insurance as well. Click image for larger version. 

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If I can get a male puppy that looks as good as the first three photos, I will look into breeding him. The last two photos are of the dog I
have now. He turned out to be healthy and very much within breed standards. I wish I could have breed him. But, he had to be fixed,
due to county law where I got him. It was a county animal control & shelter, in the Tampa St Pete area.