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Thread: Louie Vern !!!

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    Louie Vern !!!

    Louie Vern, you're adorable!!! You don't look your age! Congrats on being DOTD!

    I hope you and Priscilla have a fun day!
    Forever in my heart...Casey.Ginger.Corey.Mandy.Sassy.Lacey.Angel .Missy

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    Lucky Louie Vern!

    Congratulations, LV, on being POTD! You are so lucky to have found a loving forever home! (We've rescued older pets, too, and it's very rewarding!) You're just adorable! Enjoy your special day, Sweetie! XOXO

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    Congratulations, LV on being Dog of the Day.

    You surely don't look fourteen years old. When your previous owner passed away, I bet you worried what would happen to you.
    Thankfully you lucked out and have a wonderful home.
    Senior dogs are great. Most of the time they are housebroken, and don't chew things up like puppies do.
    You sound like a wonderful boy. Hope you have many years left.


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    Louie Vern is DOTD and the very best one yet!, along with his whole family, big and small , human and critter!!! Kisses to all of ya, made me cry.

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    Congratulations on being DOTD! I agree with your this pet is so adorable and also lovely, all pet lovers will like Louie Vern.


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