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Thread: Sensational Stella

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    Sensational Stella

    Congratulations on being Dog of the Day Stella.

    You are a gorgeous looking doggy and sound soooo sweet and happy. I'm so pleased you've found a wonderful family to live with as they love you very much.

    Have a wonderful day of international stardom.



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    Stella is indeed lovely and well-loved, to be sure. With only the best intentions ('cuz I love white dogs), I offer the following excerpt taken from the website of the Vancouver Association of American Eskimo Dogs.

    Don't shave your Eskie. All Eskies have very fair skin that is not meant to be exposed to the sun. Sun burn and skin problems can occur. Often after exposure to the sun, the pigmentation in the skin will change and areas that were previously pink skinned will turn black, just like an Eskies nose. An Eskie has a double coat of hair. An inner thick coat that protects the skin and a longer outer coat that crowns the body. An Eskie's hair acts as a temperature regulator. It keeps him both warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Dogs do not have sweat glands. They cool off by panting. You can thin out the inner coat, clip the outer coat, but never shave your Eskie for health reasons. Some Eskies get follicle arrest - that is, their hair does not grow back in the area that has been shaved.
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    Congratulations on being DOTD. You are beautiful. Funny how things work out. Your family was probably a little disappointed that the pug was
    gone until they laid eyes on you. Bet you get that beautiful white fur a little dirty while playing. Enjoy your special day.


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    Hello Stella, You sure are a pretty girl! I enjoyed reading about you and seeing your photos. I hope you have many years with your family. Congrats on being DOTD!

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    Stella could not possibly be more adorable. Loved seein' her sweet self, perfect DOTD!

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    Stella - I have to admit that you are just beautiful, either with long or short hair. But secretly...shhhh...I like it long. What tunajune said makes sense - I learned something new today.

    I hope you're having a happy, happy day today, and that you're enjoying being in the spotlight as DOTD. Congratulations!!!!! Keep on with that love, happiness and playfulness for many, many more years with your awesome family.
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    Congratulations, Stella! You are just adorable!

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    Congratulations to you dear Stella on being DOTD. What a beautiful girl you are. We hope you enjoyed your special day of stardom and send best wishes to you and your family. May you be blessed with many happy years together


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