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Thread: Perfect Painter and Pebbles

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    Perfect Painter and Pebbles

    Congratulations guys on being Pets of the Day.

    I could look at you all day. You are like works of art with your wonderful shaped designs and colours.

    I hope you have some lovely foody treats for your special day as you are now international superstars.



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    Both of these guys are very cute. Painter is very handsome and I could just stick Pebbles in my pocket and carry him around all day!

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    Aww Painter and Pebbles, you're both adorable!!! How lucky you were found and rescued!

    Congrats on being POTD! Have a fun day!
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    Dearest Painter and Pebbles, aren't you both just adorable! How good that you were both rescued and now have such a loving home.

    Congratulations on being selected today's Pets of the Day! Enjoy your day of international stardom!

    Love from Pat and cats
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    Thanks everyone!

    You guys are awesome! We all really appreciate the wonderful comments

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    Painter and wee Pebbles are the most glorious turtles in the world! Loved seeing them as Pets of the Day and hope they have a long, carefree life with their loving family!

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    Painter and Pebbles

    Congratulations on being POTD Painter and Pebbles. Turtles are very smart pets. Painter, you now have a friend that you can teach.
    You were both lucky to be rescued. Now you have a wonderful forever home.

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    Painter & Pebbles: 2 Cute 4 Words!

    Congratulations, Painter & Pebbles, on sharing the POTD honor today! You 2 are just adorable!!! So handsome, full of personality, and oh-so-photogenic! Enjoy your special day and wonderful home! Best wishes for long, happy, healthy, safe lives, Cuties! XOXO

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    Congratulations to you Painter & Pebbles. You guys are two of the most handsome turtles I've ever seen. So glad you have such a loving home. Hope you enjoyed your day of international stardom. Best wishes to you and your family. May you be blessed with many happy years together


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