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Thread: Perfect Pepper Viegas

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    Perfect Pepper Viegas

    Congratulations Pepper Viegas on being Dog of the Day.

    It's great to see India represented by such a beautiful dog as you. You sound so much fun and such a sportswoman playing badminton and ball. I can see why everyone loves you.

    I hope you have a wonderful day of international stardom. Your friends must be very proud.



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    Beautiful Pepper the athlete! I bet everyone has a great time when you join in the badminton or ball game! I would like to be on your team! Then it is time to model your red shirt, or rest on the cushion with your stuffy. You have such a shiny, glossy coat! I have only known one Dane in my life but he was very gentle and special -- I am sure you are too! And smart, going up the stairs or letting your person know your needs. Could you please have your person give you a HUGE hug for me, Pepper! Happy Dog of the Day to you!
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    Pepper Viegas

    Pepper is a GLORIOUS DOTD! I sure loved seeing Pepper and SO wish I could give a big hug and smooch forthwith!

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    Pepper, what an interesting dog you are. I see you love activities which keep you engaged mentally and physically, and that you keep your human involved in the fun. Good for you. Thank you for including all those lovely pictures because it helps us see what a good life you live in India. Needless to say you are a handsome creature what else would one expect for a Dog of the Day. Congratulations on your selection as Dog of the Day. It is indeed an honor you deserve
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    Congratulations, Pepper. Such a lovely girl for DOTD.

    Do let the humans have SOME fun batting the shuttlecock back and forth, won't you?
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    Pepper you are one gorgeous doggy! Congrats on being DOTD!!

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    Congratulations to you Pepper Viegas on being DOTD. What a grand and beautiful lady you are. We hope you enjoyed your special day if honor. Best wishes to you and your family. May you enjoy many happy years together


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