CONTACT: Office, 336-786-9444. Or Lydia Hall, 276-733-2688.

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This kitty AVALANCHE has transport options available outside of NC.
CONTACT the office; its 336-786-9444. Or you can reach me (Lydia Hall) on my cell phone at 276-733-2688.

This is Avalanche. She is almost 2 years of age now. She came into the clinic at about 7 week old kitten. She was having seizures. We took her on as our project to see how she will do over the course of time. The vets thought she would not make it. She wouldn't have seizures all the time, but more often than she needed. She was actually aware of things and more "normal' for awhile.

We adopted her out to a client’s sister in law. She would have seizures occasionally still. The lady had her a few months then she came in one day saying she couldn't move her mouth. She had health issues to begin with, but this caused more issues on its own. It turned out she was unable to open her mouth to eat, so it just appeared she was eating. The lady wasn't taking care of her and keeping a close eye like she should have.

We are thinking she has the cerebellar hypoplasia, but we don't know for sure. By her symptoms this is the only thing we could come up with after running many different tests. If you would like to talk to Dr Sykes (the vet that took her in as a kitten), just pass me a number she can call. I will get her to call, and explain her issues more clearly. Or if you would like to call us at the office, it's 336-786-9444. Or you can reach me (Lydia Hall) on my cell phone at 276-733-2688.

Needless to say, Avalanche didn't eat for a week!! She was starving to death. We kept her in a clinic for about a month before she was able to eat on her own again. We syringe-fed her a/d slurry to give her much needed calories. Ever since this happened, she has been more of a special needs kitty. This picture shows her hair being gone from her nose. That is when she was here and the food kept her hair worn off.

There is something mentally not right with her. She will pace the floor most of the day, and she is a very fussy girl. She was a spitfire to deal with when she was healthier. When she is pacing around she will fuss for no reason, and especially if you stop/pick her up during her wandering. We never let her go back to the lady because it was very clear she wasn't paying as much attention to her as she needed to be.

Avalanche has lived with dogs and other cats. She is a cat who doesn't care if anyone is around or not as long as she can do what she wants to do. She will tend to poop in the floor, and has started urinating on the floor. She has to stay at the clinic until we can find her a place to live. She needs to be with an experienced person, as well as someone who accepts her special needs. Unfortunately nobody in our area will take her in. Nobody in the clinic has the right household for her to live in. When she is in a cage at the clinic she will refuse to eat. We are hoping she will find a place ASAP to prevent this from happening.

She has this high-step gallop when she runs. When she tries to stand and lean on the cages, she will fall over backwards. She hasn't had seizures in a long time. They gave her Nutrical when she seemed to have low blood sugar before the seizures occurred. Thinking the seizures may have been from low blood sugar when she stops eating.