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Thread: Enlarged spleen?

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    Enlarged spleen?

    Well, Cash and I had what we thought was just a routine, annual vet visit tonight to get his yearly shots and check up but it turned into much more than that...and not in a good way.

    The vet was doing her exam and noticed that Cash had a rather large spleen. She took some xrays but, because Cash and I had been in the room for quite some time, and he was panting and stressed, she could not get a good view of the spleen - I guess all his panting and worrying and gulping air had built up some gas in his belly that was blocking her view of the spleen. She did show me the xrays however and in the best one, it was clear that his spleen was quite enlarged...she said about 3x the size it would normally be in a dog. However, she could not see if it was irregularly shaped on the edges, aka cancer, or if he just has a large spleen. ??

    She did talk to me about his was done by her at our regular vet office about 3 months ago when Cash was just turned 2 years old. He had some pretty bad complications from that (yet, another story I will tell at some other time! ) but she said the spleen may have been enlarged due to that.
    However, she also said that neutering later in life, as we did - is a major cause of a certain kind of cancer that "starts" in the spleen. I know I am not explaining this all correctly but I am just trying to paraphrase the Dr., get the story out and not get emotional.

    So, long story short, Cash has to go back tomorrow am for more xrays - she said she wants him in and out - as soon as we walk in the door, the staff is to get him right on the xray table - before he has time to get too worked up and panting, so she can get a good view.

    She said the next step would be an ultrasound and if no signs of cancer, he just has a large spleen. If signs, then an ultrasound. If cancer, removal of the spleen and the prognosis is beyond bleak..6 months max.

    I am staying positive this evening (although I cried the whole way home from their office) This simply cannot be possible...Cash is full of energy; at the prime of his life; looks and acts as healthy as a horse. I really, really think they may just being cautious - and I think they know me - I took Duncan to this vet too and she is actually the same vet that had to put him to sleep with me. Duncan and I spent hours upon hours upon hours there trying to fix whatever was wrong with his bladder for the last few months of his life - no stone was left unturned and no $$ was spared....this vet knows I would rather know than not; that - while I certainly do not have unlimited funds - I will spend everything I have to help my dog so he doesn't have to suffer.

    To top it ALL boyfriend is off camping this weekend (I have to work ) and he has no cell service - so its just me and the D this weekend - hoping and praying for the best.

    If anyone at all had ANY experience or knowledge of any of this - please, please share...I did see a post by Elizabethann about something similar but have not seen anything in a few weeks from her?

    PS - My nickname for Cash is "D." I have no idea just stuck and that is what I call him most of the time. Ironically, my dog Duncan's name actually starts with the letter "d" and I called him "potato head." Weird.

    Thanks for reading and I will let you know what the vet says tomorrow.
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    Sending prayers and positive vibes to you and Cash. Hang in there!
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    Prayers on the way for you both! D is for Dog - He's your Cash Dog!
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    Good Thoughts & Prayers sent Cashes way.
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    Thank you Fritz & Cassiesmom

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    The spleen is the first thing that loves to get ticked off Sometimes it's something small, othertimes it can be sign of something larger. Best wishes and prayers for you two and hoping there is a good outcome.



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