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Thread: The hawk's nest at DEP in Trenton NJ

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    The hawk's nest at DEP in Trenton NJ

    My son Mike, aka Soncat to many of you, works for the New Jersey State Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) here in Trenton. When he got in from work tonight he told me there's a hawk's nest on a section of the roof over their loading dock. Recently they were fascinated watching a red tail hawk build the nest. Through a surveilance camera set up facing directly at the nest, they saw 2 newborn redtail hawk hatchlings in the nest. Mike's crew was immediately ordered to set up cones blocking off the section surrounding the nest area on the ground to protect the new family. He also said that all staff are under very strict orders to stay away from the nest and do nothing to disturb it, the mother, and the babies. The Division of Wildlife set up the camera but unfortunately it's not available on the internet for all of us to see. Mike said they can see the nest and the babies on the camera at his worksite - they're so small and very cute. Throughout the day they can see the mother as she searches for food in the area. When she returns, they can watch as she feeds and tends to her chicks on the camera. Protecting and safeguarding the nest and the family is the #1 top priority at this DEP worksite over and above all else.

    A very special thank you to all on the DEP staff for taking all possible measures to ensure the safety and protection of these beautiful birds!

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    Are red tailed hawks endangered? How cool that they blocked off the area where the nest is!

    When I worked in Westmont, a pair of Canada geese made a nest so close to parking spaces that the maintenance man put a couple of orange cones in the spaces to keep people from parking too close to the nest. The goose had sort of tucked part of the nest under a bush, and it blended in well with the bare branches. It just made sense to not park there for a few weeks.
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    They are not endangered, still I am glad they are protecting the nest, etc. Good job, guys!
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