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Thread: tried Hartz Multicat Litter

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    tried Hartz Multicat Litter

    I saw this Hartz Multicat Clumping litter at our local drug store and it was $6.99 rather than $8.99 for my usual Fresh Step so decided to try it....wanted to let you know that I am very pleased! There was no "cloud" of dust when hubby filled the pans! Also the clumps are so tight that everything can be scooped out. Best of all, it is very lightly scented - I cannot smell it at all We also tried out the new "light weight" litter and it worked great, but so light that it tracked all over the floor. So, what brands are the rest of you using?

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    I've heard the same thing from clients about the Tidy Cat lightweight litter... that it tracks EV-ERY-WHERE.

    Thank you for the recommendation



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