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Thread: any one here raised a baby animal before?

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    any one here raised a baby animal before?

    has any one here raised a baby animal before?

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    Yes, I've raised many baby animals. Lots of ducks, geese and chickens at my Grandma's farm. Baby cows at my uncle's dairy farm. Baby birds that have fallen out of their nest. A baby ground squirrel I found in the middle of the road. Plus lots and lots of baby kittens and puppies that have had to be bottle fed for various reasons.
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    OH my! Let me count. Tons of wildlife and tons of kittens! No puppies yet though. Want to see pics? You can go to the Pet Rescue section and look for the thread on some of the wildlife I have raised and rehabbed. Skunks, possums, snakes, rats (too many times, lol) etc. Maybe I can attach a pic of me feeding River, the kitten I placed a few months ago but bottle fed since she was 5 days old.
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    I've fostered a lot of bottle baby kittens and a few bottle baby pups. No experience with any other baby animals really. I did briefly take care of some baby birds a long time ago.
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    lots. eight batches of kittens, billions puppies, 13 phesents, 13, chickens, 12 foals, and a few rats. oh and once to snipe chicks.

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    I raised one litter of kittens from the age when they had to be bottle fed. Sadly two of them were severely brain damaged.

    I tried to hand raise a baby fairy tern ( , but (s)he got worms very suddenly and died. I did my very best for the two weeks we had "Frick."

    I would love to do wildlife rehab someday....

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    o that is sad to hear ,
    i'v raised many baby rats.
    and am raising a baby bird (cockateil)
    it is great to hear so many people takeing care of baby animals
    o and i forgot i rasied a baby dove

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    I raised a kitten from 2 weeks old when his mother passed away. He was going to come live with us anyways when he was weaned.
    Other than that, I raise and breed chinchillas, and occasionally something goes wrong when the mom can't feed the kits, so I step-in and either help her feed them or hand raise them

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    o cute !
    i am haveing mayjor probs with my bird at the moment it happened tonight it started to slwaow air for some reason!!!!
    i need help and advise
    plz someone help somehow if they what to do!!!!

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