I keep getting spam for "Lunar Sleep" but I never of course open them, thought it does bring to mind a question.

Lunar Sleep they say
Targeting those with insomnia
Do they not know ...

The moon never sleeps
The moon shines always,
From the tiny fingernail-slim curve of light
That appears bright amongst the stars
To the full moon, huge and luminous
Outshining all else in the night sky

The moon never sleeps
Even when we cannot see it
It shines on, still
And floats, orbiting ever
Above the earth
Reflecting the sun but dimmer

The moon never sleeps
And for centuries,
Lover, philosophers,
Farmers, and poets, sailors and
Wizards, children and old men
Have wondered at its presence
And composed thought and songs

The moon never sleeps
Even as we close our eyes and say
"Goodnight, Moon," with the cows, the sheep
And toddlers in their beds,
Still it shines, though windows and
Behind shades, beyond walls
Over city and field alike

The moon never sleeps.