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Thread: Doggy Diesel

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    Doggy Diesel

    Woof meow Diesel. Congrats on being Dog of the Day. You are now an international superstar!

    Wow, you have a very loving human and doggy family. It's nice that your older brother Winston and cousin Lady Bug can show you the ropes, as I imagine it's not easy being a dog and having to adapt to life with humans. Being a cat is much simpler, we tend to just sleep, and play, and eat (sometimes I do help mummy with the filing though which keeps me busy).

    I wish you well in your new home and am sure you will have many happy years there.



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    Hi Diesel, thank goodness someone adopted that you that is loving and patient. I'm glad you have a fur sib to show you the ropes. Happy DOTD!!
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    You're a gorgeous boy Diesel!!! I know you can become a wonderful pup with the help of your family and Winston!

    Congrats on being DOTD! Have a fun day!
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    Precious Diesel!

    Hi Diesel! Happy Dog of the Day! What a handsome boy you are, Diesel, a beauty inside and out! As had been said, you are now officially a superstar, and after reading your human's heartfelt tribute, now the entire world knows what your family has known all along as well! We too can't comprehend how anyone could neglect/abuse a defenseless creature. But blessedly you are finally living the good life as a full fledged member of a patient and loving forever family, one committed to doing all that is necessary to help your wounded spirit heal! With their love and support (Winston's and Lady Bug's too), I have no doubt that before long you are going to be the bravest, most confident doggie in the neighborhood! Your family knew a diamond in the rough when the saw one, and after a bit of spit and polish just watch how you shine! Great thanks to your family for sharing your heartwarming story and precious pics with us! It's been a pleasure meeting you, Diesel, and an honor to have the chance to pay tribute to you and all that you mean to your family! Hope you and your furry pals, Winston and Ladybug, are enjoying an extra special, fun filled Dog of the Day, being spoiled rotten! Lots of love, hugs and kisses to you, precious Diesel, and to brother Winston and cousin Ladybug, too!

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