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Thread: kattie's chronic anxiety

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    kattie's chronic anxiety

    kattie is my 12yr old shihi tuz, for the past year she has been dealing with chornic lymphocytic leukemia,and was treated with leukeran, and was diding fine till about 3/4 o the way thru her treatment which was about a year , she lost most of her eye sight,and developed acute chronic anxiety, I had never seen any dog go thru this, she would throw her self on the ground, like a child throwing a fit, but it didn't stop ,if you touched her she would go into this fit state,she could not balance her self,and when i walked her she was in flight mod, i had to run to keep up with her, she would not respone to my voice or comands, and she's a retied obdeance champion ,we have stop all chemo , and my vet has put her on xanex, and pain meds , she is finnale getting under control, we are still working with the dose to find the right combo, I've been reading about anxiety in cancer patients but cann't find much . I joined this site to see if any pet parents out there have had smuilar experances with thier pet and cancer.It breaks my heart to see her go thur this, any thouhts are welcome.

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    I'm going to move this thread up into Dog Behavior for you. Welcome to Pet Talk, poor little Kattie!

    How is she now? Are the meds helping any?
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    she is holding her own, the meds work great but ,wear off quickly, she also has congestive heart failuar ,so her vet is taking a baby steps with her,so right now I try to give the xanex3x with 2 of those at feeding time so she will eat,thank you for asking.........marinasbody


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