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Thread: Did you know...(February 15, 2014)

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    Did you know...(February 15, 2014)

    I get these daily in my email. This would have been great to add to last Thursday's in the Dog House.

    Did you know...

    ... that today is Mustard Day? Mustard, that tangy, yellow stuff made for hot dogs and hamburgers, was advertised for the first time in America on this day in 1758. Who do you think was responsible for bringing mustard to the U.S.A.? No, not French's, nor Grey Poupon. It was Benjamin Franklin. Thank you, Benjamin!
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    Actually today is really Banana Bread Day! or Be Kind to Critters day, in honor of Uncle Mac - this was his birthday!
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    February 15th is also National Flag of Canada day and National Gum Drop day.
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