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Thread: Awesome Coby!

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    Awesome Coby!

    Congratulations, Coby, on being DOTD! You are an amazing dog with a terrible start in life but you're so lucky to have found a wonderful, loving forever family! Please stay safe (we worry about you wandering away from your family and coming back injured!) and enjoy your special honor today! Best wishes for a continued happy, healthy, long and SAFE life! Please stay close to home! (rescues)

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    Oh Coby, thank goodness your person found you and had alot of love and patience to give. Happy DOTD!!!
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    That was an extremely touching and wonderful story about Coby! VERY funny as well , lovely DOTD!

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    Precious Coby!

    Hi Coby! Happy Dog of the Day to you! What a treat, having a Giant Schnauzer as our very special honoree! It's not often we have a representative of your beautiful breed as Dog of the Day! Just love your beard and shiny, black coat! And wow, aren't you the athlete! I thought my Lab held the record for stick retrieving but that tree trunk your toting takes the cake! Oh, what a horrible start you had at life, sweetheart! Eating rocks? It's no wonder, considering how mistreated you were by your former "humans," that it would take a little time for you to settle into your new home, learn to trust your new family. But as your proud person says, it's amazing how far a little time and patience can go in helping to heal a broken spirit! You and she/he may have gotten off to rocky start but just look at you now, the most well adjusted, confident pup imaginable, enjoying every minute of yyour new life to the max! Great thanks to your wonderful family for rescuing you, Coby, giving one most deserving doggie a second chance at life! How lucky they are to have a loyal and loving best friend in you! You're the best! Thanks for the BIG smiles, Coby! I hope you and Flocke are both enjoying a very happy, fun filled day, being loved and pampered to pieces! You deserve it! Lots of love, hugs and kisses to you, precious Coby, and to your best doggie bud Flocke, too!

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    Hello Coby,

    It is a pleasure to meet you. You are indeed a handsome fellow. I am so sorry that you suffered
    with awful people before you joined your new family. I am also so glad that you got a second chance to learn
    that not all humans are so neglectful of their pets as they were. You look so happy laying there with your
    canine buddy, Flocke. You two make a wonderful pair. Congratulations on being honored today as
    the awesome DOG OF THE DAY. Sending lots of cyber hugs & kisses for you & Flocke too .xoxoxo
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    You're so handsome Coby!!! Congrats on being DOTD!
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