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    I have an 11m old male he gets aggressive when ever a young child cries(my son) he will jump and nip wondering why also' how do I get him to stop he scaring my son I'm becoming frustrated with his behavior? He is neutered.

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    What kind of training have you done with him? Have you done basic obedience? How old is your son?
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    11 months is fairly early, in general, for neutering unless you have a very dominant dog. From the sounds of it I don't think you have - I think you may have a puppy that has been removed from it's mum and litter mates too early. It has not learned that baby/puppy sounds are not a threat to it. I don't want to scare you but if your dog is reacting this way he is probably thinking that the baby needs to be put in it's place. You really can't be too careful here, an 11 month old baby was killed by a dog just yesterday, be careful, be sensible and don't get another dog for a long time and not from the same place.


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