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Thread: Canine Cognitive Dysfunction

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    Is Dep on any medication right now? I was reading about a drug used to treat this problem. It's called Anipryl. ( generic is selegiline). Has your Vet recommended this?
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    That a good medication to review and consider. By the time my vet suggested it for Marlin, he was too advanced, and passed 3 weeks later. So I really have no info on it, whether it helps or not.
    My vet doesn't carry it and says the results aren't that good (other people bought it online (1800PetMeds, Amazon) and the results weren't all that great). It also is really $$$ here and I don't have that kind of money (if it was a drug with a good success rate or necessary for life (cushings, diabetes,heart, I would find a way) and he is impossible to get supplements into (won't eat food that contains them (we tried multiple joint and "senior" supplements) and it takes two people to get a pill into him.

    Vet also is not 100% sure that Dementia is what is going on. He's leaning that way since Dep does not have any physical symptoms (besides weight loss) and has never had a "noticeable" seizure.
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    Keeping pets active, physically and mentally (fight boredom with training exercises and interactive toys) and at a good weight throughout their life helps prevent CCD and promotes overall health.

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    I know Canine Cognitive Dysfunction happens when dog is around 10 years old, but your dog was early facing this problem. There's no way to prevent this Canine Cognitive Dysfunction, but you can do your best by mentally and physically stimulating your dog as much as possible.


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