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    Science Class Questions...

    SO figures I'd get into the Wildlife and Fisheries Science Program of my dreams and get stuck taking yet another math, HOWEVER it is Statistics, which I have heard is tons easier than Algebra? I have also read that statistics is also much more relevant to my major than anything I've ever done yet LOL. I am hoping for at least a B in Stats, so if you guys know anything about Stats VS. Algebra I'd appreciate any wisdom advice. I recently got done with College Algebra/Trig and Pre-calc, I got a B- in College Algebra and a C in Pre-calc.

    Also, instead of a pointless Science Elective I was going to take - I am taking General Chemistry I and General Chemistry 2 (that will be over the summer). My question is, how much high level math is involved with General Chem? I took high school chemistry 5 years ago and remember nothing. I think I got a C+ or a B in it. I don't remember it being overly troublesome. You guys know I am awful at math as well LOL, so I am nervous for Chemistry. Any advice or knowledge of Chemistry? What about the math?

    So my easy semester went from easy peasy to not so easy. I was originally taking Vertebrate Zoology and Oceanography. I recently talked to a counselor and at first only 47 credits will transfer nicely, but with my new classes that would be 58, which is basically a smooth transition. I just need to take my Wildlife Courses at the new school. I also need to take Organic Chemistry I but that I may take NEXT summer at my community college, I've heard it's easier. Basically, I will most likely get in the school in CO, but I am totally loving the one in Upstate NY. I am visiting it in April actually, so that's exciting. My mom was not on board with the idea at all and we fought constantly about it, but recently became more accepting of it, I just think she'll miss me. This school is 6 hours away but it is the closest one I applied to anyway. She wanted me to look at Del. Valley, but I think that one is a little bit overpriced. I got a $10,000 scholarship + $2,000 honors one...and I think I may get more as I applied for a ton and still have yet to apply to the ones in School of Natural Resources yet. But overall, my dreams are getting a lot more clear, which is exciting - yeah that is very corny. I just never thought this would happen lol, I never thought I'd be able to do this and finally I "sort of" am

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    Depending on how the class is taught, chem involves Algebra and stoichiometry, which is a representative way of describing chemical reactions (2H2+O2=2H2O+X number of BTUs).

    Stoichiometry is more representative logic than hard math.
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