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Thread: Amazing Kitai!

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    Amazing Kitai!

    Congratulations, Kitai, on being POTD! What an inspiring story of strength and will! (We are not fans of the racing industry after all the negative stories we've heard, including many tragic sudden deaths on the track.) It's awesome that your amazing best friend/human parent is there for you 100% of the time with love, support, and medical care! You are special and priceless! You will remain in our positive thoughts and prayers daily! Sending all the best healing wishes and X's and O's!! (rescues)

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    You're a handsome boy Kitai!!! I hope you recover soon! Congrats on being POTD!
    I hope this is a special day for you and your human!
    Forever in my heart...

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    Happy Pet of the Day, Kitai! Rest well for this year, let your human protect you! Kudos to your new human for sticking by you. Hopefully, you will have many years left with her!
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    Kitai is awesome and a perfect choice for POTD! Sounds like you are wonderful mates and together you will be just fine, hurray for Kitai Best wishes and health, happiness and magic to you both

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    Brave , beautiful Kitai!

    Hi Kitai! Happy Pet of the Day to you! Oh yes, sweetheart, I certainly will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers, hoping for a complete recovery! What a stunningly handsome, brave, big hearted Thoroughbred you are, Kitai! Your story is at the same time heartbreaking and heartwarming. Your unshakeable determination and indefatigable spirit, along with your human's unwavering commitment to healing you at any "cost," is truly an inspiration to us all! In spite of all you've been through, the pain and multiple treatments you've had to endure, you've never once given in, given up, never lost that fighting spirit...or BIG smile! Even when in excruciating pain you allowed your human to ride you, just to please her! Yes, you truly are one very lucky boy, Kitai. But just as blessed is your family, having a brave and beautiful best friend, a loyal and loving companion in you! Many thanks to your wonderful family for sharing your beautiful self, your very special story and heartwarming photos with us, Kitai! You're one in a million, and so very deserving of your extra special Sunday honors! Enjoy your big day in the spotlight, sweet boy, being loved and pampered to pieces by your proud person! Lots of love and a big *hug* to you, beautiful Katai! Hoping for you and your person, many, many more years of shared love and companionship!

    Star,Tigg'r , Mollie and the10 Gallon Gang!

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    Thank you all sooo much! <3

    It has been such a terrible few months with Mr Kitai!! When we first found the problem in July, i was so upset.. but this special farrier said his hooves would be ok, and i could keep riding him!

    Got another farrier out who xrayed him, said he will NEVER be ridden again..

    Another vet and farrier..

    ANOTHER barehoof farrier..

    and now the special university vet and farrier in december, he thinks if we CAN get his hooves to grow, that he should be able to be ridden very lightly, never gets to jump again though.. Which is heartbreaking, because i have never seen a horse learn to jump so easily!

    So, many many tears from me along the way!

    Last week, after 4 weeks of special shoes, plus stable rest, he went back to get his shoes redone..

    They got the vets to trot him... and he almost collapsed..

    Then and there, i thought they would tell me he had to be put down...

    But, they took all his shoes off, and found he had an abscess!!! Poor thing.. As if he wasn't in enough pain as it is

    So, his hoof was all cleaned and bandaged up, and he goes in next week to get his special lots of shoeing on again!

    Scary thing is.. The vet said his pedal bone in his hoof, is only about 4mm away from pushing out of the sole of his hoof... Which isn't alot!

    BUT!!! They saw a tiny bit of growth!! It isn't much, but they said his hoof has grown a little bit! Which is something

    In another 4 weeks there *should* be more improvement!

    Here is Kitai (on the left) and Kyros at the farriers last week!

    Vets want him to stay skinny, and not put much weight on his hooves... So would you believe he is actually taller than Kyros?

    Here he is in his stable!

    And in their paddock, because Kitai goes insane being locked in a stable, just paces back and forth, so does more damage in a stable than out in a little paddock!

    He is so pretty haha

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    Bless you so much for helping dear Kitai. He is a very lucky boy. I belong to several Thoroughbred groups on Facebook and always support people who help their horses that have serious hoof problems like Laminitis and also Colic which is also a terrible affliction horses can get. I am sending Prayers and Vibes to dear Kitai from me and my Pets.

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    Thank you!

    As they say, no hoof, no horse!

    Kitai is probably about 750kg, Kyros is 900kg.. But all that weight, on 4 little hooves, they have to be sooo strong!

    The vet has said he has seen WORSE cases, which have had to be put down, and Kitai's hooves are very bad, and the farrier is super worried about him.. BUT the vet said it isn't the worst he has seen and the horse has survived!

    And i think everyone was happy they could see his hoof grow a tiny bit!

    I absolutely hate watching the rescue cases with horses, people who have let their horses hooves grow so much that the poor thing cant walk..

    I watched one the other day, it was a big shire i think, and her hooves had rolled back under her, and she was walking on the coronet band

    I don't understand how anyone could let a poor animal suffer like that!!!

    Kitai could of been a perfectly happy horse, but the racing industry just runs them to the ground, and then because they aren't fast enough, they don't care about them anymore!

    I have 2 other horses, Kyros and Klaatu (they have been previous pet of the days)
    and i love all 3 of them so much.. They each have something unique about them..

    But, out of all 3, Kitai has really something special about him, he is just one of those horses that wants to try his hardest, I honestly can't believe he was jumping, when i know his hooves would of been sore!

    If you want a horse to be your best friend, and just be the most caring, calmest, sweetest horse, then Kitai is your guy! haha

    Lets hope his abscess is all cleared up by his vet visit this week!

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    Kitai, I have a special place for you in my heart because your story is identical to what one of my horses went through because of a misplaced nail . Poulticing for an abcess for over a month and for a year special shoes , packing and boots were the day's orders. Lots of soaking with each change and it hurt so much to have to keep you on the thin side, no more pasture all day, small paddock with hay only. I spemt most of the day keepimg you company to ease the loneliness and help you forget your friends in pasture or out being ridden.
    The outcome had severe restricitons but it was better than losing you----I sincerely hope that in a year or so your hoof will have grown enough to make a difference and that the coffin bone doesn't continue rotating. Happy POTD brave Kitai.

    I've been frosted--- thank you Cassie'smom

    I've been Boo'd----

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    How is dear Kitai today?


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