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    Hi Tango, you are a beautiful mix! I"m glad you are able to help your new family through a rough time and I'm sure you will be very much loved. Happy DOT!!
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    Precious Tango!

    Hi Tango! Happy Dog of the Day to you, you precious fluffball! What an adorable pup you are, sweetheart, such a beautiful blend of two cherished breeds! I just love your brindle like coloring and fluffy coat! But oh, just look at that FACE! And how WILL you look "all grown up?" Well, being a Golden x Husky, BEAUTIFUL of course! But to be honest, you're already beautiful, body and soul, and such a quick learner too! At a mere 12 weeks you've already mastered the sit, lie down, stay and leave it commands, retrieving the morning paper, and that IS impressive! But I'm sure your mom would agree that it is you gentle nature, your sweet and loving personality and your big heart, that make you so EXTRA special! How blessed your family is to have a best furry friend, a cuddler, a snuggler, a loving companion for life in you, Tango! You've already stolen your humans' hearts, and I can only imagine the fun times you and they will be sharing, the happy memories you'll be making, in the years ahead! You do your much beloved Golden predecessors, Sierra, DOTD March 2, 2002 and Barney, proud! Thanks for the BIG smiles, cutie pie! I hope you're enjoying your much deserved day of honor, getting into all sorts of puppy mischief (though you may be too well mannered for that), being spoiled to the max! and loved to pieces Lots of love, cuddles and kisses to you, precious Tango!

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    LOVE LOVE LOVE this dog!!! Perfect many I see on this site and say I want that kind for my next dog. Tango just rose to the TOP of my list! I RARELY write on here, yet have been faithfully looking at this site for many years and have a couple dogs on here myself, but Tango really really hit my soft spot! You and he are very lucky! Have fun with him and hope their will be more breeds like his come out

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    Hello Tango,

    What a handsome fella you are and I'll bet you will just get better looking as you grow into those big paws.
    I see you are carrying on the tradition of bringing in the paper for the family. You sound like a very smart boy.
    Congratulations on being chosen for honor as the cutest DOG OF THE DAY. Sending you cyber hugs & kisses.
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    Extreme cuteness warning for Tango! Oh my goodness, what a darling puppy! *melt* You have already learned some of your puppy commands, that is wonderful! You are a busy puppy, too - playing with your toys and having all sorts of fun Happy Dog of the Day to you, adorable Tango! I hope your people will register for PT so we can watch you as you grow Sending you MORE cuddles, hugs and kisses today!
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    Adorable Tango!

    Congratulations, Tango, on being DOTD at such a young age! You are absolutely precious! And, we know from experience that the ONLY thing that helps a grief-stricken heart, is opening your heart to a new friend. We hope you have a fun day and a happy, healthy, long, stress-free life! You've found a perfect forever home!

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    Aww Tango, you're so cute!!! Congrats on being DOTD!
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