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Thread: Louie ~ Kitty with Chylothorax

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    I've got me some major LES going on here. So happy Louie is back playing, just like a cat should be! Congratulations, Louie!
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    That's wonderful news! Congratulations and loving best wishes, Louie!

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    A last update -- and early birthday present for maerlyn-Sharon

    Louie got the all clear from the doctors so no more check-ups! The little fluid that was in his chest is still present but looks like it has been decreasing. They won't drain it because it is so minimal and since it hasn't accumulated they are confident his body will absorb it over time. He also gained a half pound since his last visit which was about 6 days. He can eat lower fat to normal food now and once he gets his weight back up they said they will recommend some low fat foods, but for right now they are more interested in him gaining weight back to a normal range. So happy
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    Thank you, Lisa! It's so good to know that Louie has recovered and is doing so very well. Please tell his mom to be thankful each day for that blessing, for a blessing is what it is. Louie, may you have many more happy and healthy years here!

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