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    Hi Rylee, what a beautiful girl you are. I'm glad your family found you and took care of you. You look very content. Happy DOTD to you
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    You're a beauty Rylee!!! Thank goodness your humans rescued you and look what a wonderful dog you turned out to be!
    Congrats on being DOTD! I hope you have a fun day!
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    Beautiful Rylee!

    Hi Rylee! Happy Dog of the Day to you, sweetheart! What a gorgeous girl you are, Rylee, such a stunning blend of breeds (though you look mostly Flat Coated to me!) And don't you look adorable in your Santa Paws hat! I do hope this Christmas was an extra special one for you and your family, sweetheart! Looking at your sleek, shiny coat, those sparkling, copper colored eyes, it's hard to imagine the deplorable condition you were once in, how you suffered both physically and emotionally during those first few months of life! But oh, just look at your beautiful, healthy, confidant, sassy, trick mastering self now! Amazing how far a bit of grooming and a good diet, a little time, patience and tons of love can go in helping to heal the body and soul! What a transformation! And even in that sad state you were in when your Mommy first laid eyes on you, somehow she knew you were the one, and how right she was! How lucky your family is to have a beautiful best friend in you,'re a gem! Hope you're enjoying your much deserved day in the spotlight, sweet baby girl, and to you and your family, wishes for a very happy and healthy 2014! Lots of love, hugs and kisses to you, beautiful Rylee!

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    Hello Rylee,

    It is good to meet you pretty girl. You have the sweetest face & lovely brown eyes.
    I am so happy that you were found & adopted by a wonderful family. You look so gorgeous now
    with that beautiful long hair & happy face. Congratulations on being chosen for honor as the
    very deserving DOG OFTHE DAY. Hugs & kisses to you sweet girl.xoxoxo
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